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All You Need to Know About Cold Press Juicers

Having the right juicer in your kitchen is the key to having a healthy and nutritious diet. It does not matter that you will use it more or less but you must have a cold press juicer to ensure that the juices prepares are rich in terms of freshness, taste, quantity, and nutrients. Having a cold press juicer means you can use it for making green drinks using leafy greens. Cold press juicer saves the fruit enzymes and important vital vitamins from being destroyed due to the oxidation process of other juicers. Centrifugal juicers, on the other hand, involve spinning blades at a high speed which create heat at a temperature of 50 degree Celsius which kills the enzymes and vitamins of the fruits and vegetables. This is not the case of cold press juicers; they use gentle hydraulic press for extracting fruit and vegetable juices which preserves the nutrients and enzymes present in them and ensure that the juice remains fresh for a long period of time. The working mechanism of both the machine is different; the cold press juicer extracts juice by pressing it while the centrifugal juicer mashes out and extracts juice and disposes off the fiber.

There are different fruits and every fruit has its own benefits in terms of minerals, vitamins, fiber, and taste. Cold press juicer helps you to get juice from different fruits. For instance, pineapple juice helps you in digestion, inflammation and joint pain whereas apple juice provides you high amount of iron. In order to stay fit and healthy, you must have a cold press juicer. While buying a cold press juicer, you have to see the uses of the juicer in your home and your preferences such as how often you are going to use it.

Auger design of the cold press juicer

There are many brands in the market for you such as Omega, Kuvings and Greenstar. They all are outstanding cold press juicers. These cold press juicers auger to squeeze out the juice from the ingredients rather than using blades to slice and extract the juice. The centrifugal juicer has blades which cuts fruits and other ingredients into tiny slices and then extracts the liquid. Cold press juicer produce juice through squeezing it in the machine. Cold press machine slowly presses fruit and vegetable to make juice. Even heat is not up to that level which will cause any quality damage effect. Cold press machine can produce juice 35% more as compare to other machine plus this machine work for even last drop of juice. These juicers are efficient and do not produce heat which keeps intact the enzymes and vitamins. You will enjoy fresh and tasty juices made using the latest cold press juicers visit this website.

Once you have bought a cold press juicer you must take care of its machinery and parts. It is advised that you do not put food material for re-juicing in the machine once used as this could jam your motor. Ensure that you thoroughly wash the parts after each uses to get rid of all germs and residues.